Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funk and Fake Weed

A few days ago, something very interesting happened in the WWE. The tag team titles changed hands at a house show. That's something you very, VERY rarely see now. Heck, you rarely see titles change hands on Raw or Smackdown. Last night on Raw, we also saw the United States championship change hands.

Now, I know why the tag titles changed hands. It was done because Evan Bourne has been suspended yet again for smoking fake marijuana. He just got back from one suspension, and now will be gone for another 60 days. I see this as the end of his WWE career. The company will never trust him again. It's a shame.

But, back to my original thought. Years ago when Madison Square Garden had a lot of house shows, I never attended. One of the main reasons was that, in my opinion, nothing interesting happened at house shows. I knew I wouldn't see a title change hands, nor would I see any storyline advancement. I'm willing to bet that a lot of people skip house shows for those very reasons.

Throwing the occasional swerve and making something important happen at a house show is a good thing. It also makes you money at the gate. You read a house show is in town, and you want to attend because perhaps something memorable will occur.

I understand that the WWE wants to stress the importance of its television shows, and I'm not saying something huge needs to happen at EVERY house show, but occasionally doing something like a title change or an injury angle on a non-televised show can bring more fans to house shows.

Switching gears, I want to comment further on two angles that I mentioned briefly last week. The current Chris Jericho angle, and the Brodus Clay angle.

So far, Jericho hasn't said a word, which bothered me at first. However, upon giving it more thought, I kind of see the plus side. Last night Jericho left his team mates hanging. That, my friends, is a heel gesture. I think finally the fans in attendance got it last night. So the question is, will Jericho talk before, during or after the Rumble? A lot of folks in the IWC have Jericho picked to win the Rumble. Not a bad pick at all. I can see Chris winning the Rumble, and then coming out the next night on Raw and say that he wants to challenge Punk for the title, assuming of course that Punk HAS the title after the Rumble. I'm going to give this gimmick a bit more time, but if Jericho doesn't talk by the Raw after the Royal Rumble, then the gimmick is in fact dumb.

Now, one moment please. (calls mamma) Okay. I'm back. We were lead to believe that Brodus Clay was going to debut as a monster. Well, if you consider a "Funkasaurus" a monster, you got it. My first reaction was, "WTF?" I thought it was dumb. The WWE is good at taking guys who should be killers, and turning them into comedy acts. They did it with the Big Show and even briefly with Kane. Yes, Kane. Remember Kane's "WAZZUP" when he teamed with the Dudleys? Yes, it was very brief, but it's still, in my opinion, a mistake to make a big guy into a clown.

However, this is something different. What was interesting about Brodus Clay's debut was that we weren't expecting it. The WWE surprised us, which is usually a good thing. Brodus seems to be having fun with the gimmick, and it's growing on me as well. I actually have his theme song as my ringtone. I'm willing to give it some time, and to see who they will have Clay feuding with.

Now, two things on Raw didn't make sense last night, both of them involving John Laurinaitis. Now, before you start sending me angry emails, yes, I KNOW wrestling hardly ever makes sense. But, hear me out. First, Laurinaitis blatantly admits he's going to screw CM Punk over when he referees Punk's match. How, even when it's a work, can he still be allowed to referee? If I work for the NFL as a ref, and I publicly say that I'm going to screw a team over next week, how long do you think I'll have my job? I know it's a work, but can't a work make sense?

Secondly, John Laurinaitis busting Mick Foley upside the head with the microphone. Um, wasn't the first thing Triple H said when he became COO is that, as an executive, he cannot put his hands on anyone?

I believe next week on Raw there have to be repercussions. Unless we're supposed to forget it, storyline-wise Triple H is still COO. I'd love to see him come out and punish Laurinaitis. If not, you create a catch 22.

Anyway, that's it for this week. Next week I'm going to try something new, and break down the Royal Rumble and the matches, and give my opinion and predictions. I KNOW you can't wait! (crickets)



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