Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Rumbling Royalty

Greetings! Please, hold your applause. (silence) (crickets) (buzzards) Okay, now that that's over with, I am dedicating this column to a breakdown of the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

First off, the WWE did a very nice job with the Raw go home show last night. The best Raw yet in 2012. We saw Zach Ryder get his "back broken," we saw CM Punk further his storyline with both John Laurinaitis and Dolph Ziggler, and we saw and heard Chris Jericho speak, telling us the world would end this Sunday. I don't know about you guys, but I have emptied my bank account and given all my money to hobos. After all, Jericho wouldn't lie to us!

Seriously though. That comment by Jericho tells me that there is a lot more going on here than him simply winning the Royal Rumble. For this to work, it HAS to mean more. There must be a swerve here somewhere. And, who is "she?" I am hoping for answers at the Royal Rumble. Yes. I WANT to see this Pay Per View, which means the WWE is doing its job.

As far as Kane/Cena goes, there is only ONE scenario that could ruin this entire storyline. If Cena goes over clean. If that happens, then Kane is just another victim, just another villain that Superman has vanquished. However, I would like to see Cena win in a no contest. Cena just rages out, and beats Kane down so badly and so violently, that the ref stops the match. Kane is carted out laughing, screaming that Cena "finally gets it." If the WWE pulled off something like that, I'd seriously mark out.

CM Punk against Dolph Ziggler will be a classic. Both men can get it done in the ring, and Dolph has been a bright spot in the WWE. Hard worker with good mic skills, Ziggs has impressed me, and I see him holding a major title in 2012.

Just not this Sunday. Between the ending of Raw last night with Dolph getting over on Punk, and the huge deck stacked against Punk with Laurinaitis as referee and Vickie at ringside, I see CM Punk retaining here. Also, I think Ziggler will break away from Vickie before he wins a major title.

Daniel Bryan VS Big Show VS Mark Henry for the World Heavyweight title. Well, it's in a steel cage, which is a positive. However, Bryan will have his work cut out for him. Show and Henry do not possess the speed or agility of Daniel Bryan. These are not the ideal competitors for him. But, again, it's in a freakin' CAGE. I predict a good match. Bryan can carry any match, skill wise, and I think he'll retain. I must admit that Bryan is growing on me. As you all know, I've never been a huge Daniel Bryan fan. But, his skill in the ring and his new "tweener" persona has my interest. Therefore, I say he retains. And, I'd actually have no problem with that at all. Again, he's winning me over. Not easy to do.

As far as the Rumble itself, I'm a bit torn. We know that The Miz is number 1. However, this does NOT exclude him from winning. Miz has been on a huge down slope lately. In my opinion, he has dropped back to mid-card level. A Rumble win at number 1 is a HUGE push right back into the main event picture. Even a good showing, lasting for an hour, would help the Miz. It is possible he could go all the way.

Randy Orton? A lot of people are picking Orton. The thing is, he doesn't need it. Orton is already a star and way over. He can get in the title picture anytime. I don't think Orton will win it.

Dolph Ziggler. Yes. He COULD lose his title match an go on to win the Rumble. However, I think he'd be a better Money in the Bank winner, as has been mentioned before. But, I see him as a possibility.

Brodus Clay. Way too soon. We don't even know if his gimmick will get over yet.

Mick Foley. No way. But, Mick will do what he does best and what he should be doing, and he will put people over. Mick Foley is one of my favorites in the business, and I'm glad he is in the Royal Rumble.

Triple H. Yeah. I said it. Triple freaking H. Why not? I say the probability he will even BE in the Rumble is low, but you never know. I do not see him winning it if he participates. It looks like Trips and John Laurinaitis will be busy in a storyline, plus Triple H surely doesn't need it.

And, last but not least, it's time to put it out there. Chris Jericho. The IWC favorite. Possible. VERY possible. As I said earlier, this whole "world ending" thing stinks of something HUGE. Perhaps Jericho comes out at number 30, wins the Rumble, and uses that to further his evil plans. If you haven't figured out Jericho is a heel yet, well, there's no other way to say it, you're crazy.

In fact, I will go out on a limb and pick Jericho as the 2012 Royal Rumble winner. My original pick of number 1 to win it seems unlikely now. Of course, I could end up being proven wrong and looking like a total idiot.

It won't be the first time, and certainly not the last. With my luck, Hornswoggle will win it all and go on to become WWE champion. You think it can't happen? This is the WWE folks. ANYTHING can happen. Enjoy the ride.



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