Thursday, May 10, 2012

Shooting From The Heart

It's been awhile, and I honestly have not decided whether I am going to bring this blog back again.  Since I have been doing radio, I've felt that I have an adequate forum to voice my views on pro wrestling, which is one of the reasons I haven't written in awhile.  So, consider this a special edition, which will have nothing to do with wrestling.

In 2010 I found the SNS Radio Network and Wrestling News Live.  At first, WNL was the only show I'd listen to, until I got to know JJ and the other hosts better.  I began listening to Unplugged and Sunday Night Showdown.  My pay per view experience was greatly enhanced by listening to SNS.  I haven't heard live commentary on a PPV in two years now.

I started becoming a regular caller, to the point where I worried JJ and Trey and all the rest thought I was a stalker!  I absolutely loved all the shows on the network, and enjoyed the freedom I was given to voice my opinions, to the point where I went out and bought my first cheapo Skype headset.

Earlier in the year, I was contacted by Trey who asked me if I wanted to cohost with him and Shark for the TNA Sunday Night Showdowns.  I pulled a Miz!  Really?  REALLY?  So, I started my first internet radio gig and loved it!  Me, just a listener.  A month or so later, I was heading home from work and my cellphone rings with a phone number I've never seen before.  I recognized the voice instantly.  It was "The Power" Andy Knowles!  What the hell did he want?  Andy asked me if I'd like to become the cohost of the Pro Wrestling Rewind!  Um, yeah!  I dropped a few bucks and bought a good mixer and microphone, as I wanted to do the network proud and sound as professional as I could.

Earlier this year, I got the tragic news that JJ's father had passed away, and that JJ would be, understandably, unable to do Wrestling News Live for a few weeks.  Once again, I was tapped and had the honor, yes, HONOR, of cohosting with Trey.  The fact that Trey would ask me to do that was one of the most flattering experiences of my life.  So, now I am on 3 shows and love doing each and every one.  I started out with a telephone, and now I've got a damn studio in my bedroom!

Where is all this leading to?  Recently, it seems we have been under attack.  On Facebook.  In chat.  The hosts have been personally insulted and the quality and accuracy of our shows has been questioned.  Let me make this perfectly clear.  I will not tolerate anyone attacking this network.  This network has done too much for me, and when it comes to JJ, Trey and Andy, I will always have their backs.  They believed in me, and that hasn't happened a lot in my life.

Mario Midnightman says over and over again that this network keeps him going, that he finds the courage to keep on trucking by listening to us.  The fact that we can have such a positive impact on a person is amazing, flattering, and something I am very, very proud of.

If you don't like the network, don't listen.  We don't need you.  I am tired of the soul-less, the zombies in this world whose lives are so meaningless, stagnant and utterly devoid of joy that they have nothing better to do than try and bring other people down.  These are the people who sit at home with a knife to their wrists and think, "Should I?"  But instead of seeking help or having the guts to stare Satan in the face, they make themselves feel better by trying to hurt others so they can justify their existence, an existence of loneliness, misery, sadness and regret.  They're jealousy of people who are actually enjoying life eats at what's left of their black souls and their broken hearts.  These are the same people who bully, stalk, harass and hurt everyone around them because when they look in a mirror they see emptiness.  Blank, lifeless eyes stare back at them, and they feel hate.  When you hate yourself, you cannot love anyone else.

No one wants to join in your pathetic inability to deal with life.  No one else on this network or anywhere else has a desire to join you in the bottomless pit that is your future.  Stop calling us.  Stop posting on our forums and chatrooms, and find another way to drown your sorrows.  Because you will not bring me down.  I've been down before, and picked myself up.  You should try it sometimes.  Trolling may make you feel better for a little while.  But, just remember.  When you turn off that computer, the mirror will still be waiting.  Those empty, soul-less eyes will still be staring back at you.  You will still cry yourself to sleep, hugging your knees and crying about what an utter failure you are, with your family, friends and above all your life.  Don't worry though.  You'll find the change under your bed to pay your internet bill for another month so you can come back and try to start trouble again.  In a way, I'm proud that this network is all that keeps some Emos from killing themselves.  If this network goes away, what will you complain about then?

To truly prove how cowardly some of these sub-humans are, they even talk about those who cannot defend themselves.  They sink so low as to make fun of the dead.  How dare you!  The mentally dead should not make fun of the physically dead.  Take your toasters and sit in your bathtubs, take your knives to your wrists, drink your poison and leave us alone.  It's wrestling, two guys fighting in underwear.  To quote the Joker, "Why so serious?"  Just go away.  Troll your parents for your life being so empty.  Go to a psychiatrist.  Go to Church.  If all that fails, let the BronxFather make one last suggestion.  GO TO HELL.

The BronxFather


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